Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Management - The New Indian Export?

It's long been my view that India will over the next decade also be a leading exporter of management talent. Underlying the high technology services and tech talent, there has emerged a strong layer of management talent that is steadily climbing the ranks of Corporate America and UK Plc. A dozen people from the IIMA currently start work in London straight from the campus, mostly within the investment banking community.

At the other end we have Ms. Indra Nooyi joining Mr. Arun Sarin as Indian born and educated professionals who have made it to the top rung of globally respected companies. This of course is outside of the Tech and VC sectors which has long been overrun by Indians.

Ms Nooyi takes over at Pepsico and her success as a foreign born woman in the US is doubly commendable.


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